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The chooks are moulting – apparently they think autumn has arrived. They’re looking pretty scrappy at the moment, but Bob still thinks the hens are pretty hot anyway. Advertisements

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Bottoms Up

The bugs are always tastier on the other side of the fence.  These are some of the prettier gold laced, blue laced gold, and splash wyandottes remaining after we took some to the local poultry auction.  Beautiful chooks.  We have … Continue reading

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Enjoying the Life

Spring has sprung and the weather today is gorgeous – sunny, warm, a light breeze and very inspiring to open up the windows in the house, get outside and enjoy the day. The chooks agree.

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The Mega Egg

We get an occasional double yolker from our isa browns hens; I’m presuming it is the same hen that lays these.  They’ve been dubbed the “Mega Egg” as they are massive compared to the slight size of the hen that … Continue reading

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The Chicks Have Hatched!

New babies have arrived – chicks from the Blue Laced Gold Wyandotte pen and some of my daughter’s Buff Columbian Wyandotte bantams. Here are Bob & Bron our blue laced golds: At the moment the chicks are in a brooder … Continue reading

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Mid Winter Vegetable Haul!

I think the raised beds help keep the soil warm in our cold winters. That makes me worry a little about what will happen to the veggies in summer, but we’ll just have to see when the time comes… Wyandottes … Continue reading

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Wyandotte Chickens

Our blue laced gold wyandotte eggs are in the incubator. It may not have been the smartest thing to set them to hatch at the same time as hundreds of lambs are going to drop, but this is what happens … Continue reading

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