Studio Renovation

The EarthMother Designs Studio is currently undergoing renovation – fast tracked by the recent exciting (in a not-good-sense-of-the-word) discovery of a fairly large brown snake inside it which pushed the renovation and snake-proofing to the top of the priority list! Studio Renovation, EarthMother Designs StudioI’m looking forward to organising the studio into zones for art, spinning, weaving, fiber preparation, and pottery. Very cool – but lots of wall painting needed before that happens.

The transformation of this lovely space is very exciting. A huge thank you to my wonderful hubby. What a lucky EarthMother I am 🙂

About EarthMotherLife

Living the good life in a beautiful part of the world...
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One Response to Studio Renovation

  1. Gosh – this looks so full of promise..
    Looking forward to seeing the finished result –
    Keep going, Hubby!!
    Emma x.

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