Cotton Spinning and Recovery

It has been very quiet around here as we try and recover from a particularly nasty flu that has lingered much longer than necessary. I’ve been quietly spinning and weaving, and haven’t had much energy or inclination to do much else, which is unusual as I usually have many projects on the go at once and tend to allocate minimal time for sleeping. Note to self: perhaps that’s why I got sick…

Cotton Tahkli SpinningHere is a picture of the cotton spinning I’ve been doing while slobbing on the armchair feeling crummy. It’s an Indian tahkli (also spelt takli) spindle with a brass whorl and the cotton fibre is on the seed. The ($1.48 at Big W) porcelain egg cup acts as a support lap bowl and works really well. Spinning this is weirdly mesmerising and addictive. My husband doesn’t agree.

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2 Responses to Cotton Spinning and Recovery

  1. roguecrafter says:

    I love the photo! Hope you feel better soon.

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