I’m loving autumn. And I always have. It’s still too dry to go in to winter with any feed for the sheep but the days have been cool and sunny and the nights cold enough to have the cosy wood fire on.Foggy Autumn MorningWe’ve been toasting marshmallows in the wood fire – every year we have to do that at least a few times.Toasted MarshmallowsAnd we’ve been enjoying some self-sown pak choi, silverbeet and broccoli from the kitchen garden along with our home grown garlic.EarthMotherLifeKitchenGardenWe still desperately need more rain. But it’s almost guaranteed to happen as we’ve got shearing booked for next week. That usually brings the rain…just when you need it to hold off for a little while.

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2 Responses to Autumn

  1. Sadami says:

    Hi, Wendy, wow, you blog has beautiful drawings and photos. I have to go your place to sketch the beauty of nature and us, human lives!!!
    Thank u so much for enquiery. At the moment, my picture book project is “under cover.” The title and detailed book info will be publicly announced when time comes. The team, that includes me, is discussing about a storyboard and illo. I really appreciate your support and great patience. Keep up a nice blog and enjoy drawing and a wonderful life.
    Kind regards, Sadami (*I love any animals, particularly, doggys!!! All lives are my friends!)

    • Thanks for your reply, Sadami. I’ll keep my eyes open for your book when it comes out and will definitely buy it! Beautiful artwork, and my daughter plays cello so she will love it. Cheers, Wendy

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