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Old Fashioned Apricots

A friend with an orchard gave us a couple of boxes of Moorpark apricots – according to this recommended site they are mentioned in Jane Austen’s novel Mansfield Park as being superior to other apricot varieties in flavour, however I … Continue reading

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Homegrown Christmas

Like many other households we have over indulged this Christmas, but some of the produce we have been indulging in has been homegrown, whether by us or by friends.  Our Christmas lunch included homegrown lamb roasted in the BBQ and … Continue reading

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Apricots of Old

Our very young apricot tree has been bent under the weight of an enormous number of apricots relative to its size.  This little tree has been starved of water, blown about by gale force cold and hot winds, ignored and … Continue reading

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Stud Rams

We fenced off some of our front yard to try and reduce the (many) hours of mowing we were faced with every couple of weeks, and now we are able to have the stud rams in our little front paddock … Continue reading

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Windy Orchard

The wind has been blowing like mad for days now – I know we’re really over it but it seems to be happening over much of NSW.  I’m willing our little apricots on our young tree to hang on for … Continue reading

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Bottoms Up

The bugs are always tastier on the other side of the fence.  These are some of the prettier gold laced, blue laced gold, and splash wyandottes remaining after we took some to the local poultry auction.  Beautiful chooks.  We have … Continue reading

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